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We design and deliver great places for everyone. Our structures are made of only high-quality materials, so you know you’re getting a sound, reliable structure that you’ll love.

Backyard Plans Design, Order, Receive a Backyard Unit

The process works simply, if you are interested in a backyard structure, please do contact to set up a professional design session for $99. At our meeting, we’ll discuss your goals, style preferences, and review the qualities of your land. Together, we’ll complete an estimate for your order and establish a timeline. Once you place a deposit on your order, we will start the permitting, manufacturing, and installation process, estimated to be 12 weeks. Our design and construction support teams will keep you notified from start to finish.

Community Plans Design, Fund, Build a Community

We unlock projects small and large. Our team has deep domain experience in the work required of landowners, developers, designers, and builders. If you have a multi-unit development in the central Texas area that can benefit from our strategic approach, please contact us. Our real estate development will work with you through the feasibility, design, and budgeting phases of the project. We can also connect you to funding sources and builders that leverage our value-add technologies.

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